How Much Money Indian Gaming Streamers.

The gaming scene in India is stronger than ever now. From Dynamo to Carry Minty, there are so many well known streamers. We talk about their total earnings in this article.
From PUBG Mobile to Fortunate and Counter Strike, these gamer specialize in multiple games. Without any further ado, let us take a look at the top gaming streamers in India and their estimated earnings.

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1 Dynamo Gaming
Aaditya Sawant aka Dynamo Gaming is one of the most popular Indian gamer out there. Having a whopping 8.79 million subscribers on YouTube, he is hands down one of the biggest. He plays a lot of multiplayer games. However, he is known for his insanely good PUBG skills. His streaming videos on YouTube are mostly an hour long. Moreover, he is a GTA V fan as well and plays it a lot too.
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According to Filmysiyappa, his net worth is that of around a whopping Rs. 22 core. Moreover, he earns a staggering Rs. 30,000 on every stream as Super chat. Moreover, he earns a lot via brand endorsements and many other forms of deals.
2 Mortal
Ne-man who is also known as Mortal is an extremely popular figure in the Indian gaming scene. When it comes to PUBG Mobile, he is regarded as the best player ever. He has represented India across various PUBG competitions as a part of Team Soul. Apart from being a streamer, he is also a professional Esporta competitive player. He has a subscriber base of a whopping 6.21 million on YouTube. He plays both PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty Mobile and streams daily. He also has a video with Tiger Sheriff for Call Of Duty Mobile which has amassed over 2.6 million views on YouTube.
When it comes to his net worth and earnings, Filmysiyappa has listed it as 3.2 million. Furthermore, he earns a total of 2-3 lakes on a monthly basis.
3 Carry Minty
Ajey Nagar aka Criminate does not need any introduction. He is the biggest You Tuber of India with a subscriber base of a whopping 26.3 million at the time of writing. Moreover, that is just his primary account where he covers all sorts of things. On his gaming channel called Carry is Live, he has a subscriber base of 7.83 million as of now. In fact, he is one of the first Indian You Tubers to have started live streaming while playing games. He is mostly popular for his comedy skits and roasts during streams. He is actually one of the richest Indian YouTube’s currently with an estimated new worth of 4.3 million dollars. Moreover, his Yalgaar song on YouTube has over 180 million views which has made a ton of profits as well. Apart from that, he earns a lot of money via brand endorsements and various kinds of sponsorship deals.
4 Kronten Gaming
Chetan Chandgude aka Kronten Gaming is a very popular You Tuber and professional gamer. He has a massive subscriber base of 1.98 million on YouTube. He is a very active streamer and plays games like with a subscriber base of 2 million. He is an avid gamer/streamer and plays games like Counter Strike, GTA Vice City, Dota 2 and more. He started off by playing these games before venturing out on PUBG Mobile. His team Godlike is also regarded as one of the best PUBG Mobile teams of all time.
Kroner’s average income ranges from Rs. 2, 00,000 to Rs. 5, 00,000 on a monthly basis, according to celeb-hungry.
5 The Raw Knee Games
Ronny Das Gupta is a YouTube star with his channel The Raw Knee Games. The channel has a massive subscriber base of 2.12 million at the time of writing. He is one of the oldest gamer in the community and started off 10 years ago with his main channel, The Raw Knee Show. This channel has a total of 1.58 million subscribers as of now. He posts incredibly unique and funny content which got him so popular. He primarily streams PUBG Mobile content and is one of the best players out there.
According to stat smash, Ronny has an estimated net worth of around $287,000. This converts to 2 cores and 11 lakes in the Indian currency.

This was our list of the top gaming You Tubers and streamers in India. These streamers have been around for a very long time and keep working hard to this very day. They are an inspiration to the hundreds and thousands of gamer that want to venture into the same realm. It is safe to say that the Indian gaming scene is what it is today because of these amazing people.

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