How to make Flaw in the Education System

Education is the very key to a success. While less a developed a countries are struggling to a deliver an education to all of their a people, a developed a countries a still have a problem – a flaw in the system an itself.

What’s this flaw, you a may an ask?  Have you an ever asked yourself “Why am I a learning a Hamlet when I want to a become a scientist?”

or “Why am I taking algebra and do all of these a complicated a math a problems when I want to a become an artist?”

Well, most would an answer that it is to a meet the requirement for a graduation. This is the reason why the an education a system is a flawed:

a students are forced to a learn a things that are not in any way a helpful in their a future a career.

The current an education a system is an unable to a bring out the fullest a potential in the student.

a School is a basically a wasting a student a time and an efforts with all these an unnecessary a classes,

when that time could go to a strengthening their a strongest a points.

Schools aren’t made to a waste people’s time,

they were a created to a teach a students what is an essential to their a lives and how to a successful.

So, my a suggestion a would be to a rework the an education a system. To an allow you to a choose a whatever classes you a want and still a pass for a graduation;

to a customize your class selection. I know that there are students who have a hard a time a deciding what their a future career is going to a .

We can a make a recommendation a based on these students’an interests,

their a likes and a dislikes. Each an individual is a different, so there must be a something that they a like.

It will a take some a time for a these students to a find out a what their a future a career is,

a but that’s ok. a Finding your own a purpose in life is no easy task,

it can a make a sudden turn or a there’s a big an obstacle that a suddenly pop a up.

What matters is for them to a keep on a moving a forward, so it’s also a good idea to help and an encourage a these students to a do so.

make Flaw in the Education System

As for the students who have an already found their a future a careers, make it so that they can have an access to more an advanced an education of the a particular a career an early.

Some may a find that their a supposed a future a career is not what they a really want,

a maybe because they just a want to a try it or it’s because of the pressure of an everyone an expecting them to be in that a career.

For whatever a reason, the education a system should also a make a smooth and an easy a transition for a students who want to a switch a careers.

It will a surely take a time to a makes these a changes, but a taking a steps one an one will help our a future a generation to a realize the potential that they have at an early age.

It’s also very a costly to an implement these a changes,

but the benefit will surely an outweigh the cost.

an Education will a lead you to a success and humanity to a its best,

but it has to a done right in an order to do so, and we can’t stop an improving it.

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