How to make challenges & fac. E-learning


The provision and usage of online and e-learning system is becoming the main challenge for many universities during COVID-19 pandemic. E-learning system such as Blackboard has several fantastic features that would be valuable for use during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, the successful usage of e-learning system relies on understanding the adoption factors as well as the main challenges that face the current e-learning systems. There is lack of agreement about the critical challenges and factors that shape the successful usage of e-learning system during COVID-19 pandemic; challenges

make challenges & fac. E-learning

e-learning system during COVID-19 pandemic. This study employed the interview method using thematic analysis through NVivo software. The interview was conducted with 30 students and 31 experts in e-learning systems at six universities from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The findings of this study offer useful suggestions for policy-makers, designers, developers and researchers, which will enable them to get better acquainted with the key aspects of the e-learning system usage successfully during COVID-19 pandemic.



According to UNESCO (2020) confirms that universities and schools closure have several adverse consequences on students such as interrupted learning which results in students and youth being deprived of opportunities for growth and development. Therefore, online digital learning systems can address this problem with easily access to these systems and offer fast internet connections.

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In fact, e-learning tools are playing a crucial role during this pandemic. E-learning systems can assist learning providers to manage, plan, deliver and track the learning and teaching process. Furthermore, it aims to help instructors, schools and universities facilitate student learning during periods of universities and schools closure. In addition, most of these system are free which can help ensure continuous learning during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Literature review

  1. (1)What are the main challenges that face the e-learning system usage during COVID-19 Pandemic?
  2. (2)What are the main factors that affect the successful usage of e-learning system during COVID-19 Pandemic?

The rest of this paper is organize as follows: in the first section, we discuss relate studies of e-learning system adoption, e-learning system challenges. This will follow a presentation of the research methodology, data collection process and data analysis method. Then discussion of the findings and finally, limitations and conclusions.

Related works of E-learning system usage


The success of any information system depends on the usage of the system by users . Thus, in the context of e-learning system, student’s acceptance of e-learning is considered as one of the main criteria for the success e-learning system. Several studies in the literature have addressed issues related to e-learning adoption in many countries over the world. For instance,

Salloum et al. (2019) used UAE as a case study for a quantitative investigation. The results indicated that four factors (inattentiveness, quality, trust, and knowledge sharing) were observe to achieve better e-learning system acceptance among students. Al-Gahtani the factors influencing student acceptance of e-learning based on TAM3. He found the most significant determinants of e-learning acceptance were playfulness, self-efficacy and anxiety, while using computers, perceptions of external control,

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