How to make Great Debate Edu. vs. Experience


Many students face the dilemma of whether to pursue higher education after graduating or simply apply for a job and get the field experience instead. With the increased emphasis on entrepreneurship and practical real-world exposure, students often deter education. Great

Both these aspects are quintessential in your journey and have certain advantages and disadvantages depending on several factors.

Let’s extend the debate of Education vs Experience and assess which one gets the job and whether the experience is more important than academic qualification or not.

discoveries, and inventions; we realized the need to arrange and preserve the knowledge in books.

With further improvement and increase of information,

we now have infinite information and data to process and share with the world.

Thus, when it comes to the debate of education vs experience, here are the major perks and importance of education:

Education has always been considered a basic human right as it familiarises every individual with

the fundamental knowledge of basic disciplines of study and then master a certain field they want for their career path.


In the contemporary world, an education system in a traditional setting is much more than just learning concepts.

While pursuing formal education, students get to learn a wide variety of life skills from interpersonal communication to social skills.

Great Debate Edu. vs. Experience

Universities across the world have started implementing research-based, practice-focused programs that enhance the student’s capabilities and refine their skills.

Students engage in projects that increase their critical thinking abilities and are trained professionals and experts in a particular file .

Formal education also provides a degree as proof of being educated in a subject and saves time and the risk for employees to hire undertrained people.

However, Education has become increasingly expensive and invests a certain amount of time which some students deem unnecessary which leads to lesser admissions for higher studies.  

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