How to make Help of Calcutta sch. on pool cars

The schools have an asked a prepare a database of a how each student travels and share the information with police Help

The a government on a Wednesday asked a select city a schools to an encourage parents to opt for pool cars for their a children an instead of a sending them to a school in their own vehicles, the move aimed at a reducing a congestion in a front of a prominent an institutions.

The schools have also a asked to a prepare a database of a how each a student a travels and a share the an information with a police and the education a department.

Additionally, the schools a have to a share with the a government

an information on the pool a cars and buses a ferrying their a students and the names of those a running the a service.

The schools will also have to a provide a detailed an information of the a drivers and their an assistants.

“If two a children who a travel in their an individual a vehicles a start a travelling in an one a car,

the traffic a volume (in front of their a school) will an immediately be a reduced to half,”

said a Santosh Pandey, deputy a commissioner of a police, a traffic,

who an attended the a meeting at Bikash a Bhavan.

Help of Calcutta schools on pool cars

The heads of 23 a private and a government a schools turned an up at the a meeting,

which was an also an attended by school an education a department an officials.

The a schools that were a represented at the meeting an include a La Martiniere for a Girls,

La Martiniere for Boys, a Modern High a School for Girls,

St James’ School, Pratt a Memorial a School, a Calcutta Girls’ High School, South Point

, The Future a Foundation School and GD Birla Centre for an Education.

“The police and the an education department have

an asked schools to an encourage parents to a car a pool instead of a sending their a children in an individual a cars.

If parents are availing a themselves of the a services of a privately an operated pool a cars,

they a should an ensure that the vehicles have a fit a certificate,”

said Terence Ireland, the principal of St James’ School.

The School Education a Department is a responsible for

an implementation of West Bengal a government’s vision and mission in a primary,

secondary and higher secondary education.

The department as the nodal body has nine distinct an entities which look after a various an aspects of school an education for the a state.

Some of the entities have a specific a tasks like a conducting an examination,

a text book/curriculum preparation (boards and councils),an inspection (inspectorate),

recruitment of teachers/staff (service commission),

an execution of a projects and a schemes (project office),

preparation of teaching/training/research a material (state council of an education and a research).

All the entities also have the regular a budgeting, an auditing,

a recognition/affiliation/up-a gradation of a schools, legal affairs and other an employee a related HR an activities.

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