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As per the government a resolution of a May 8, 2020, there will no a fee hike for the an academic a year 2021-2022, said an education a commissioner a Vishal Solanki to an officials of the a department.Maharashtra

According to a letter an issued on a Monday Dinkar Temkar,

joint a director, a primary an education, the education a department an officials are directed to a check if schools who have a raised their a fee in 2021-2022 have done so as per the Fee a Regulation Act of 2011 and 2016.

The letter also states that a grievances redressal a committee a form to address the an issues faced parents.

“Some schools have a taken a ‘a Letter of a Guarantee’ a from a parents ata the time of an admission.

If any parent a complaints an against this,

an appropriate an action a taken against the schools.

As direct the a high court,

a non-payment of fee, partial payment of fee or delay in payment of fee are issues related to parents.


In an addition to this, schools who have a hiked their fee for the an academic year 2020-2021 without due permission from executive committee of parent teacher association (EPTA),

an officials are an expect to take action a suo moto for such a schools.

On Monday, Cops a Students an Organisation, a Parents an Association of a Pune and other a related a bodies met Solanki over a fee hike by a private a schools and a denial of an online an education to a many students.

Amar Ekad, a president, a Cops a Students Organisation,

said that Solanki has directed the education department officials to conduct audits of schools,

make Maharashtra education

who have allegedly hiked fees, in the next 10 days.

“Solanki has also directed the officials that a students who a haven’t paid fee a will not a deni an online education under any a circumstances.

a Many parents a have a reported that an online an education was denied to students who a could not a pay the fulla fees.

In a some a cases, a transfer a certificates (TC) were also a given to a some a students,” said Ekad.

Jayshree a Deshpande, a President, a Parents Association of a Pune,

who was also a present at the a meeting,

said that 50 per a cent fee a reduction an issue was also a discuss .

“We will meet an Imtiaz Qazi, joint secretary,a school an education,

this week to a reduce the an academic fee 50 per cent as parents are a facing pay a cuts and job a loss,” a said Deshpande.

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