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The Stylish Resume Builder Apps in 2022 

VisualCV is our top pick for the stylish resume builder due to its great resume and CV templates, wide range of customization options, great resume samples, and particular professional website structure features.

But if VisualCV is n’t the right fit for you or you ’re looking for a free volition, we plant nine other great resume builder apps for you to try.

Top 10 Resume Builder Apps to Try 

1.VisualCV — Top Pick 

2. — Stylish Free Resume Builder 

3.LiveCareer — Best Hands-Off Resume Builder 

4. PathSource Resume — Stylish for Career Guidance 

5. Resume Star 2 Pro CV Developer — Bravery for iOS Users

To find the stylish resume builder apps, we counted several crucial factors, including sequestration controls, the capability to fluently partake resumes, live backing, customization options, and more.

The apps on our list help Users produce professional, ultramodern resumes in a matter of twinkles while offering fresh features like job hunt tools. 

Choose the resume builder app that’s right for you 

Choosing the stylish resume builder largely comes down to particular preference and cost considerations. Free resume builders frequently offer the introductory tools and features you need to produce a professional resume , while paid platforms offer further template variety, further customization options, job hunt tools, and other supplemental features. 

 Be aware of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) 

Numerous employers use ATS to automatically overlook digital resumes for work experience, chops, and other necessary aspirant information.

This software helps filter out unqualified aspirants before encouraging resumes to hiring directors. While it may be tempting to use some of the unique, creative resume templates plant on resume builders, they may not be formatted for ATS readability, which can beget your resume to be discarded before a mortal ever sees it. When searching for resume builders, look for bones that offer ATS-friendly templates. 

Our Resume Builder App Reviews 

1. VisualCV — Top Pick 

VisualCV earned our top pick as the stylish resume builder app for several reasons it offers 20 ATS-friendly resume templates, unlimited PDF downloads, online resume links for easy sharing, and renew performance analytics.

One point that makes VisualCV stand out from other options on this list is that Pro subscribers can make their own particular professional websites to show their resumes and digital portfolios.

The app takes special care not to partake your particular information with third parties, and it offers a 30- day plutocrat- reverse guarantee for subscribers.

The main debit is the limited free interpretation, which only offers access to one introductory template with VisualCV branding. 

 Notable features 

  • Free interpretation available 
  • Subscription plans Pro$ 20/ month 
  • Support available Knowledge Base, Live Converse, Dispatch,Phone

2. — Stylish Free Resume Builder is the only fully free option on our list. There’s no purchase price, no in-app purchases, and no subscription plans.

Users can choose from 24 templates, edit resume samples, or upload an being resume to edit. Templates are ATS-friendly, and Users can see a real- time exercise as they edit their resumes to make the process easier. The app also features a cover letter builder, and all resumes and cover letters can be downloaded as PDFs or other popular train does collect stoner data, and Users can request their data to view everything the point has collected from them. There’s also a‘hibernate’mode that prevents your data from being penetrated. Users can use the website’s job hunt tool to find and apply to jobs directly from the app. 

Notable features 

  • Free interpretation available 
  • Subscription plans None 
  • Support available Help Center, Live Chat 

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3. LiveCareer — Best Hands-Off Resume Builder 

LiveCareer’s resume builder is a great option for professionals that do n’t consider themselves to be great pens and are looking for a hands-off resume structure result. LiveCareer walks you through the process step-by- step, and after answering questions regarding your background and experience, the app will suggest templates andpre-written, career-specific pellet points written by professional resume pens. Unlike other resume builders, LiveCareer will write a significant portion of your resume for you, making it easy for less-professed pens to produce a competitive resume . The app also features cover letter templates, a job hunt tool, and business letter tools. The app doesn’t have a free interpretation, but Users can pay$1.95 for a 14- day trial, during which they can produce and download custom resumes. 

Notable features 

  • Free interpretation not available 
  • Subscription plans$1.95 for 14- day trial;$7.95/ month 
  • Support available Dispatch, Phone, Live Converse, FAQs 

4. PathSource Resume — Stylish for Career Guidance 

PathSource Resume, only available on iOS, is designed to help professionals make high- quality resumes in 10 twinkles or lower. You can choose from 20 templates, also the app will ask you several questions about your background to help you snappily draft your resume . Throughout this process, the app will offer advice and sample textbooks to help you write high- quality blurbs and pellet points. The app’s name point not offered by other apps is its resume analysis tool. After finishing your resume , the app analyzes it to determine implicit job titles, offer payment prospects, explain education conditions for your field, and recommend education programs near you. The resume builder is free to use, and Users can subscribe for$ 8 per month to pierce the platform’s complete job hunt tool. 

 Notable features 

  • Free interpretation available 
  • Subscription plans Pro$ 8/ month 
  • Support available Dispatch, Chat Widget 

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5. Resume Star 2 Pro CV Developer — Bravery for iOS Users

Unlike other apps on our list, Resume Star 2 is designed specifically for iOS Users and features iCloud comity to make it easier for iPhone Users to save and partake their PDF resumes. You simply have to fill in your professional information, and the app will produce and format a PDF resume that you can telegraph, post online, or print. Specially, this app operates on the honor system and doesn’t ask you to pay for anything until you have landed an interview with your resume , at which point the app asks that you use the in-app purchase options to pay them what you suppose they earn. The app doesn’t collect particular information without your concurrence, making it a great choice for sequestration-conscious Users . 

Notable features 

  • Free interpretation available 
  • In-app purchases$5.99 –$24.99 
  • Support available FAQs 

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