How to make Schooling is not Education


I am not schooled but I am one of the most educated people in Nigeria. I don’t have BSC, Masters or Ph.D., but I can decide to work for the best companies in the world (or get the best graduates to work for me).Schooling

I simply went for the real education and within 3 years of schooling myself,

I became more educated, focused, wise and skilled than the first 12 years I had spent in school.

The day we decide to call education schooling and schooling education is the beginning of our failure to produce real educated people doing great in their various fields

their state of illiteracy and lack of viable skills.

What if schools start making it known to students at the beginning that there’s no guarantee of jobs,

success, money,

happiness and financial education just passing through school? Will,

that makes most students save tuition fee to get the right education they need for the exact skill and ventures they want to go into?


What if we don’t bombard talented football students with biology and the drawing and labels of frogs or with Mathematics sending them to find X and Y that is not lost,

but allowing such talented fellow to train and focused on the tactics, skills, and beliefs of successful footballers?

The best education is the one that gives you confidence, creates room for failure and lessons, empowers your mind and show the way to financial freedom.

Any other education is an organized and expensive way to waste your time.

School yourself today discovering that thing that you really want to,

you love to do and obsessed with and not what your Dad or rich uncle want you to study at one university.

make Schooling is not Education

All the education you need right now to develop any skill is free on the internet,

go and get educated and not just following and passing through an old, decay and failed system.

I love education, I am for education, I read and educate myself every day.

When I take a bike or book a cap, I am talking to the cap or bike man and sometimes I am interviewing him on his experience doing what he’s doing.

You need to find what you love to do, you need to find what you’re passionate about,

you need to find people in the same category and connect.

Wake up and gbe body eh.

In Bania’sWorld, school is just one of the ways to educated but the most boring and outdated.

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