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Why reinvent the wheel ??  A Boost your a Brand with our a White-Label Ed-Tech a Solutions. The a smarter way to do Ed-Tech a Business.Smart

Empowering a Schools, a Coaching an Institutes, ERP a Providers, a Hardware a Manufacturers, Ed a Tech a Companies by an improving their a brand a perception, a creating a strong a competitive an advantage and also an increase a profitability and a generate a parallel a sources of a revenues through our a White-Label Ed a Tech a Solutions.

White-a Label a Smart Class a Solution – Smart an Interactive a Panels and an Interactive a whiteboard manufacturers a can do an OEM agreement a with us. Wherein we will create a customized a Smart a Class Solution white-labeled in your a brand which will an optimized for your set of a devices.


Developer of an online a platform for a schools to a collect and an analyze a feedback from their a students. The company’s a platform an offers white-a labeled a solutions an equipped with 2D/3D an animation, mapped a curriculum, and a localization a helping,

a schools, and a coaching an institutes to a provide a better a learning an experience to a students.

Writing an another a success a story, the SP Smart a Schools has an again an excelled in 10th Class a results (Summer Zone) a declared here the J&K Board of a School an Education on 14th July, 2022.

a Maintaining the dominance in the result, SP a Smartians a grabbed the top a spots, as many as 122 a students a clinched the highest A1 a Grade,

73 students a secured more than 95% marks, 123 a students secures more than 90 a percent, while 226 a students a managed 75% and an above marks.

Ierah Naz, a student of SP a Smart a School,

an Exchange a Road Jammu, a topped the a results with 99.2 percent marks, she a secured 496 out of 500 a marks.

Smart School Education Pvt Ltd

Ierah Naz, who a stood at 4th spot, said “it’s the a hand-in-hand a process that helped me to a reach this level and I an entirely a dedicate this achievement to a my a School.

The a management of a SP a Smart School a helped me to

a groom to a this level and an achieve this feat in a my life with no a doubt the school has helped

the a students with their extraordinary efforts to ensure the highest a percentage is a secured without any tuition a classes  as a compared to the a schools”.

In an effort to a bring an education back to a schools,

Smart School Education Pvt Ltd

the SP Smart a Schools a management a discourages the tuition a system.

an using SP Smart schooling system,

we have demonstrated that schools are made entirely for an education that a transforms a student a behavior.

Not just in Board Results, but also in a competitive an examinations,

and the school an offers a cutting-edge a competitive an education to its a students.

a Congratulating the a students, a parents and the teaching a faculty as well for

the performance of a school, Shivang Satya a Gupta, CEO of SP a Smart a Schools says,

“Our a priority is to an inculcate the right education to the students at the school an itself so that the students don’t have to go for a tuitions,

”added, “We a firmly a believe that the potential of an every a student ought to

an explored so that he/she can an excel in their a fields and for a better a promised a future.”

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