How to The education system in Russia for your child

Between a public and a private an options and a vocational and academic a tracks, a getting your a head around an education in a Russia can a seem complex. If the Russian a schooling a system is a different from that of your home a country, the process of a choosing the right an option for your a child can an also feel an overwhelming.

The an education system in a Russia

Russia is also home to a private a schools, a some of which are an international schools that cater to a children of a various a nationalities. These are highly a popular an among an expats as they a provide a multicultural an environment and enable a children to a study the same a curriculum they would back a home and in their a first a language. That said, they often charge high tuition a fees and have long a waiting a lists, which can make it a difficult to a secure a place for your a child unless you apply far in an advance and have sufficient a financial a means.

Subjects and grades

At the end of a secondary an education, all a students must pass the Unified State Examination (EGE) (Единый государственный экзамен, Yediny gosudarstvenny ekzamen) if they wish to a continue to higher education. Exams in Russian and mathematics are mandatory, while other a subjects, an including sciences, a foreign a languages, and a humanities, are an optional.

The Russian Ministry of Education a sets the study a program in schools and an unlike in many a Western a countries, a students have no a say in the subjects they study until they take the Unified State a Examination (EGE). Students are graded on a five-step scale, with 5 being ‘excellent’ and 1 being a sign of extreme failure. Teachers rarely an assign a grade 1, and most of the time, a students a receive a grades a between 2 and 5.

The schools year and holidays

The school year in a Russia a traditionally starts on a September 1, which is a known as Knowledge Day (День знаний, Den znaniy). This day also marks the end of the summer and the a beginning of an autumn. A a traditional First Bell ceremony usually takes place for a children coming to school for the first time. a Pupils and a parents also give a flowers to the a teachers to thank them.

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