How to the primary education (5-11 years) BA(hons) with qts.

This course is for people looking to qualify as a primary teacher with a focus on working across the 5–11 age range.

The course leads to the award of Qualified Teacher Status, enabling you to teach in England, it is also recognised in Wales once registered with The Education Workforce Council (EWC).

We’re one of the UK’s largest university providers of teacher training, educating teachers and leaders for over 100 years. We were rated Outstanding by Ousted in our 2018 inspection.

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Benefitting from our school partnerships, you’ll gain practical experience in a wide range of settings. We also offer a diverse range of subject modules to give you the knowledge, skills and understanding required to become an outstanding teacher. Ofsted identify our approach to training in schools as a key strength of this course, with an excellent balance between university tuition and school-based training.

You will learn from our course team who have many years’ experience in schools. You’ll also benefit from having an individual support tutor who will help guide you through your academic and professional development. We will support you after you qualify through our ECT support programme.

If you are interested in teaching a specific subject at primary level, you can specialise in mathematics or English at Brighton.

Course structure

This course is delivered through workshops, practical sessions and school-based training.

There are no written exams on this route. You will be assessed in a variety of ways, from assignments to collaborative group presentations. Your school-based training is assessed in conjunction with our partnership schools.

You will learn to provide developmental support to learners from Key Stage 1 to 2, encouraging a love of learning to help children reach their full potential.

You will gain a knowledge and understanding of the full primary curriculum, with subject studies to strengthen your specialist knowledge in your chosen area while you start to develop your leadership and management skills.

From year 2 you’ll be able to study an area of subject interest leading to advanced knowledge and graduate confidently able to teach Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Some course details may change as we work to ensure our courses are up to date with new government education policy, initiatives, and changes in the education system.

Making sure that what you learn with us is relevant, up to date and what employers are looking for is our priority, so courses are reviewed and enhanced on an ongoing basis. When you have applied to us, you’ll be told about any new developments through Student View.


Preparing for your teaching career

This course leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), the professional qualification for teachers. QTS enables you to teach in schools in England and is also recognised in Wales once registered with The Education Workforce Council (EWC).

You’ll benefit from our partnership with over 600 schools, where you’ll gain practical school-based experience in a wide range of settings – large, small, rural and urban.

You will gain a knowledge and understanding of the full primary curriculum, with subject studies to strengthen your specialist knowledge in your chosen area, while you start to develop your leadership and management skills.

If you are considering whether a career in teaching is for you, and you are a UK resident, the Department for Education’s School Experience Programme offers 1 to 10 days’ classroom experience in a secondary school.

Flexible admissions

When you apply to Brighton we want to hear about who you are. Grades are never the whole picture; we’re interested in things like creativity, resourcefulness, persistence and the capacity to think big and find new ways of doing things. And we recognise that not everyone has the same background. That’s why we treat everyone who applies as an individual. We recognise many qualifications and we care about all of your achievements and the experiences you’ve had that set you apart.

Campus where this course is taught

Falmer campus
Set in the South Downs, our Falmer campus is around four miles from Brighton city centre. 7,000 students are based here taking subjects including criminology, English, education, nursing and medicine, paramedic science, psychology and sociology. Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex stadium and beautiful Stanmer Park are right next door.

Specialist learning facilities at Falmer include the curriculum centre used by teaching and education students, which houses over 30,000 teaching resources and clinical skills and simulation suites used by health students. Psychology students learn in our applied cognition and flexible creative method labs.

Falmer campus has two halls of residence on site, as well as a library, restaurant, cafes, and a students’ union shop and bar.

The campus sports centre has a fitness suite, activity studios and a sports hall. There is also a floodlit astroturf football pitch, netball and tennis courts.

Cycle lanes link Falmer with our other campuses and the city centre and there is a BTN BikeShare hub on site. There are regular bus services to the city centre and other campuses. Falmer train station is right next to campus and a nine minute journey to central Brighton.

Christian Dolan

Being a primary teacher has been a life-long dream. This course in particular was very appealing to me as it offered a focus of 5-11 years olds Key Stage 1 and 2 which was exactly the age range I wanted to teach.

I chose Brighton as it was local, I also know some alumni who had studied here and recommended it. The School of Education also offered unique course variations compared to others nearby.

The structure and variety that the course has to offer has been really good. One lecture really varies from the next, with a mix of teaching methods to keep us on our toes. It’s a hands-on and practical course which I’ve personally find really helps to keep me engaged and helps with my learning. There’s also some similarities that run throughout, so you kind of know what’s coming up next and can prepare accordingly.

The resources we have access to are excellent. The Open Learning Centre is a dedicated space to find everything you might need whilst teacher training. It has been a really useful resource throughout my first year with things like assignment planning and writing and the ability to practice your Interactive White Board skills!

During placement, I have taught both small groups and whole class lessons which helped me to build my confidence. When teaching my class I had various opportunities to teach an array of subjects including English, Maths, Science, PE, Geography and History.

School-based training has helped me identify which subjects I am most confident in teaching as well as those where I need to brush up my subject knowledge and become more confident in.

I have another two years of study to go, however I already know what age phase I would like to teach. I plan to look for my first teaching post, ideally in Brighton and get 2-3 years’ experience behind me. I would then love to look at teaching in an International English School aboard, where you teach the UK National Curriculum but in a completely different country. It would be a fantastic way to grow within my career whilst having the opportunity to explore another country and culture.


Find out more about how the academic year and degree courses are organised, and about learning and assessment activities you might get to grips with at Brighton. More specific information about this course is detailed in the program me specification (linked below). You can find out also about the support we offer to help you adjust to university life.

Course and module descriptions on this page were accurate when first published and are the basis of the course. Detailed information on any changes we make to modules and learning and assessment activities will be sent to all students by email before enrolment, so that you have all the information before you come to Brighton.

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