What Is The School Education In 2019

New Delhi Indian seminaries tutored 265 million scholars in 2019- 20, at least4.2 million further than the time- ago period, while the number of preceptors rose by,000 during the period, the union education ministry on Thursday said in its Unified District Information System for Education( UDISE) report 2019- 20.

Includingpre-primary scholars enrolled in formal seminaries, the “ total registration of all the seminaries in the UDISE system have crossed26.45 crore in 2019- 20, which is an increase of further than 42 lakh over the former time 2018- 19,” the periodic public report of the ministry showed.

The Indian academy education system is one of the largest in the world with further than1.5 million seminaries, of which nearly two- thirds are government- run.

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School Education In 2019

Of the total seminaries, the UDISE report said nearly,861 are either run intimately or are private backed seminaries.

As per the report, a comparison of registration at different situations of education shows that registration at the primary position had reduced from 135 million in 2012- 13 to 122 million in 2019- 2020.

“ At all the situations above primary, i.e. in upper primary, secondary and advanced secondary, academy registration has increased, showing an enhancement in the capability of the system to retain further and further children in the system of academy education over time,” the report said.

To be sure, 2019- 20 is apre-pandemic time, these figures may have reduced in 2020- 21 due to rear migration, check of seminaries, and fragile profitable condition of families that may have pushed kiddies out of seminaries. The 2020- 21 data will be released in 2022.

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School Education In 2019

  • The total number of preceptors in 2019- 20 was9.68 million, an increase of further than,000 over total preceptors in 2018- 19, the periodic government estimate showed.
  • This growth in preceptors ’ number is a positive sign as it increases the pupil- schoolteacher rate( PTR).
    “ PTR for primary has reached26.5 in 2019- 20, which was34.0 in 2012- 13.
  • Maximum enhancement can be observed in PTR of advanced secondary which has bettered to26.1 in 2019- 20 from39.2 in 2012- 13,” the union government said.
  • The education ministry said, between 2012- 13 and 2019- 20, the gender equality indicator( GPI) at both Secondary and Advanced Secondary situations had bettered.
  • enhancement of GPI has been most pronounced at the advanced secondary position, which has gone up to1.04 in 2019- 20 from0.97 in 2012- 13. This means the gross registration of girls in advanced secondary is further than boys.

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