What is The secondary Education 1952- 53

Secondary Education Commission( 1952- 53)

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  • In this composition get Mudaliar CommissionB.Ed. notes. Mudaliar Commission is also known as the Secondary education commission.

In 1952 Union Government of India appointed Dr. A Laxman Swami Mudaliar as a president of secondary education commission.

The end of this commission was to examine the being system of secondary education in the country. It aims to suggest measures to ameliorate it.

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The commission submitted its report in August 1963 on nearly all aspects of secondary education.

  • Major recommendations of the commission were
  • installation of the advanced secondary system with diversified courses
  • three language formula
  • emphasis on educational and vocational guidance
  • enhancement in the system of examination
  • Enhancement in the styles of tutoring

These recommendations were bandied by the secondary premonitory board of education and were accepted by certain variations.

The secondary Education 1952- 53 Video

A scheme of advanced secondary education was launched each over India.

The compass of AICSE was widened and the National Council of Educational Research and Training( NCERT) was innovated at the center for furnishing educational guidance and installations to the countries.
Recommendation of Mudaliar commission

After expansive exploration through a questionnaire, dealing with colorful aspects of secondary education and stint of colorful corridor of India the commission presented a report.

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