What Is The Secondary Education Year 12

secondary education year 12

With the new academic year just around the corner, every parent is concerned about their child’s education. For many parents, it will be the first time their child will attend offline school classes.

Parents whose children will be attending school for the first time are busy finding the best options out there.

Nowadays, a child’s education is not limited to just studying from textbooks and scoring good marks in board exams.

Schooling is more about grooming, imparting practical knowledge, developing leadership skills and much more beyond academic knowledge.

Parents usually have many questions in their mind, like:

  • At what age should a child start their schooling?
  • When do admissions in schools start?
  • How to choose the right school?
  • How are regular schools different from online school classes

To find the right answers, first, you have to know the basics of the Indian education system, what the stages are, etc. Here are some details for you to get started with:

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With so many terms for parts of the education system that seem to change between every country, it can be confusing to know what is a secondary school. Especially when compared to high school, college, preparatory school, senior secondary school, how do you keep them all straight?

First of all, no matter what the title is, high school or secondary, your diploma will mean something similar all over the world — that you are ready for the next step of your life!

So, let’s solve the mystery of what is a secondary school compared to high school.

The Secondary Education Year 12 Video

What is a Secondary School?

Secondary school refers to the schooling offered after a primary school, and before higher, optional education. Most countries offer part of secondary school as optional schooling in preparation for higher education.

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