What is The yale graduate school education

Graduate Education

The Yale English Department offers a broad- ranging program of graduate education, with courses that engage all ages of British literature, American literature since its commencement, and numerous of the contemporary interdisciplines( feminism, media studies,post-colonialism, Black studies, LGBTQIA studies, and the environmental humanities).

The Department aims to train unborn scholars, pens, and preceptors of numerous kinds our primary focus is on the development of council and university professors, but our alumni also go on to careers as janitors, librarians,

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secondary school preceptors, university directors, intelligencers, editors, and professional pens. Our faculty believe in the values of pluralism( in what’s studied and how it’s studied), and they’re committed to preparing scholars to succeed in competitive and demanding professions.

To that end, we make the tutoring of undergraduates an important part of graduate training, as well as offering a wide array of professional development openings at The Yale Review, university libraries and galleries, the Digital Humanities Lab, and away on lot.

Pluralism within the Department is enhanced by relations with other graduate programs. The English Department offers combined PhD programs with African- American Studies,

Film and Media Studies, History of Art, Early ultramodern Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Fornication Studies, and has strong confederations with graduate programs in American Studies, relative Literature, Medieval Studies,

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Religious Studies, and other humanistic disciplines. Faculty members are frequently common nominees in English and another of these programs, and numerous courses arecross-listed. The Department encourages its scholars to design programs of study that combine specialization with wise conception.

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