What Is The Zilla Parishad High School Education

zilla parishad School education

Zilla Parishad High School( ZPHS) is a type of state- run secondary academy in India.

  • These seminaries are established, supervised, and funded by the District Councils of India( locally known as Zilla Parishad, quarter position original authorities of countries).
  • ZP High Schools give education for scholars from grades 6- 10 of the Secondary School Certificate.
  • Zilla Parishad seminaries are generally established in pastoral areas while other government and private high seminaries feed to civic areas.
  • Parishad Educational Officer is responsible for preparing budget for the academy and outlaying hires for Zilla Parishad preceptors. Director of School Education releases finances for this purpose.

The Zilla Parishad( ZP) academy at Wablewadi would admit Padmashree Dr Vijay Bhatkar award on Saturday for its estimable achievements in the field ofe-learning. Bhatkar himself would present the award.

Wablewadi, around 40 km from then and 2 km from Shikrapur on Pune- Ahmednagar Road, has only 66 homes and 35 scholars between std I and IV at the ZP academy.

But the academy has the unique distinction of being suitable to conduct education to all scholars throughe-learning. also, these scholars use the high- end tablets with ease.

The trend in the vill is similar that parents have to convert children to leave the academy and return home.

Playing a major part in this feat is Chaitanya Software Technologies in Pune that has been developing educational compact discs( CDs), digital videotape discs( DVDs) for the last 14 times.

It has brought out over 500 CDs and DVDs that have served further than,000 seminaries and over 10 lakh schoolstudents across the state.

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Couple Sanjay Deshpande and Pradnya Deshpande, who are mates of Chaitanya Software Technologies, said that indeed though the seminaries are using educational material for numerous times, they started a design in around 100 seminaries in Shirur taluka in September 2012.

  • The ZP academy structure at Wablewadi has only three apartments and two preceptors, who educate four classes.
  • Sandhya Nanekar and Dattatray Babanrao Ware, the two preceptors, are proud that the entire vill has contributed to install solar panels that give continued power force for the scholars, who learn through computers.

All the 35 scholars use tablets with ease and enjoy thee-learning programmes, said Ware.

The state government has also started exertion- grounded literacy. These too are used at the academy.

The Zilla Parishad High School Education Video

ZP principal administrative officer Anil Kavde praised the academy and would attend the award form at Phulgaon on Saturday.

Deshpande said that to mark completion of 14 times, Chaitanya Software Technologies has organised a progeny- together of preceptors and head masters of all seminaries enforcing thee-learning programmes.

Dr Bhatkar, Dr Ashok Marathe, Anil Kavde and Pune Zilla Parishadvice-president Pradeep Kand would blazon the occasion.

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